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Version 49 – Winter 2010 edition

As you know we are continually improving and developing FAPT behind the scenes to make Fapturbo better, stronger and up-to-date. We listen to your suggestions and try to implement most of them!
Bear with us - during the next few months we are going to surprise you with great development news.

What is new in version 49?

Meet the NEW currency pair! Finally after 6 months of live testing we are glad to introduce a 5th currency to the Fapturbo trading portfolio. It is the USDCHF (US Dollar vs Swiss Franc).

Below you can see the USDCHF Backtesting for 2009 with default settings.

Lets go back in history to 2005-2008. Here you see full USDCHF Backtesting from 2005 with default settings.

Questions about the Settings and Backtest

How to get same backtest?
When you do the backtest the strategy tester uses the current spread. That is the common problem. For example if you did backtest yesterday with the spread = 2 it will show great results but when you do backtest later when spread = 8 you will get totall loss. For proper backtest you should use brokers with low spread or catch low spread and disconnect your current broker so the spread freezes and will not vary.
Tell me the exact settings used to get same great results?

A: Here are the exact settings used. Broker used for backtest: AlpariUK Spread must be 4 or less during the backtest (!)

Settings="--- Scalper EURCHF, EURGPB, GBPCHF, USDCHF or USDCAD M15 ---"; UseScalperStrategy=true; Scalper_Lots=1; Scalper_UseMM=false; Scalper_LotsRiskReductor=15; Scalper_MaxLots=10; Scalper_UseAutoGMToffset=false; Scalper_ManualGMToffset=1; Scalper_StartWorkTimeHour=20; Scalper_StartSessionMinute=0; Scalper_EndWorkTimeHour=23; Scalper_EndSessionMinute=0; Scalper_EURGBP_TakeProfit=5; Scalper_EURGBP_StopLoss=35; Scalper_EURCHF_TakeProfit=6; Scalper_EURCHF_StopLoss=70; Scalper_GBPCHF_TakeProfit=10; Scalper_GBPCHF_StopLoss=81; Scalper_USDCAD_TakeProfit=11; Scalper_USDCAD_StopLoss=73; Scalper_USDCHF_TakeProfit=9; Scalper_USDCHF_StopLoss=82; Scalper_StealthMode=true; Scalper_ProfitLimit=0; Scalper_LossLimit=0; Scalper_UseCustomLevels=true; Scalper_RelaxHours=0; Scalper_SimpleHeightFilter=true; Scalper_TrendFilter=true; Scalper_TradeMonday=true; Scalper_TradeFriday=false; Scalper_OneTrade=0; Scalper_OneOpenTrade=false; Scalper_ReverseTrade=0; Scalper_UseFilterMA=false; Scalper_PeriodFilterMA=100; Scalper_PriceFilterMA=0; Scalper_MethodFilterMA=0; Scalper_MaxSpread=6; Scalper_Slippage=6; Scalper_ExpertComment="TradingRobot"; Scalper_MagicNumber=12464336; ____FapTurbo__________="---------- FapTurbo EUR/USD M1 ----------"; FapTurbo_Lots=0.01; FapTurbo_LotsRiskReductor=1; FapTurbo_MaxOrders=1; FapTurbo_MaxLots=10; FapTurbo_StopTime=9; FapTurbo_aaa=35; FapTurbo_bbb=48; FapTurbo_TakeProfit=140; FapTurbo_StopLoss=500; FapTurbo_TrailingStop=0; FapTurbo_DurationInHours=0; FapTurbo_CloseAfterXmonths=1; FapTurbo_PeriodMALarge=100; FapTurbo_PeriodMASmall=30; FapTurbo_PriceMA_0_6=0; FapTurbo_TypeMA_0_3=0; FapTurbo_ShiftMALarge=3; FapTurbo_ShiftMASmall=1; FapTurbo_LookForDays=2; FapTurbo_CriticalDays=45; FapTurbo_RelaxDays=0; FapTurbo_AlterPosLotReducer=0; FapTurbo_AlterPositions=0; FapTurbo_TradeNFP=1; FapTurbo_TradeFriday=1; FapTurbo_Prudent=0; FapTurbo_SymAlligatorOnCritica=1; FapTurbo_FixedDirection=1; FapTurbo_ClsLsrOnMrktChnge=0; FapTurbo_AlwaysTrade=0; FapTurbo_LowLot=0.1; FapTurbo_TooGoodToBeTrue=50; FapTurbo_PrudentPeriod=30; FapTurbo_StartWorkTimeHour=0; FapTurbo_StartWorkTimeMin=0; FapTurbo_EndWorkTimeHour=0; FapTurbo_EndWorkTimeMin=0; FapTurbo_OneTrade=1; FapTurbo_SpanGator=0.5; FapTurbo_SlipPage=3; FapTurbo_ExpertComment="FapTurboEA"; FapTurbo_MagicNumber=12464337; ____Other_Parameters__="-----------------------------------------"; TradeMicroLots=false; SendEmail=false; SoundAlert=false; SoundFileAtOpen="alert.wav"; SoundFileAtClose="alert.wav"; ColorBuy=Blue; ColorSell=Red; WriteLog=true; WriteDebugLog=false; PrintLogOnChart=true; KEY="123";
How to install Fapturbo 49?
If you are a current fapturbo client please go to the Member area Download section, then download the new EX4 file and place it in /experts folder. Make sure you have original fapturbo3.dll in libraries folder

Here is the live money forward test screenshot (Broker IAMFX):

One more recent forward test on Iamfx.com:

New default settings for EURCHF and USDCAD.

These two pairs have proven to be the performers under the current market conditions so we decided to release the new optimized settings for them.

USDCAD (US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar) Backtest for 2009 with new default settings

These settings are working great not only for the current market conditions but also for all recent years. If you backtest them even from 2005 they show great performance.

EURCHF (Euro vs Swiss Franc) Backtest for 2009 with new default settings

Recommended brokers

Remember, to achieve the best trading results you need to use the broker with low spreads on Fapturbo currency pairs. Here is our current recommendation:

  1. Iamfx.com – US based SEC regulated STP MT4 broker with raw interbank spreads.
  2. FXCBS.com – ECN MT4 broker with good spreads.

The spread must be 1-3 (maximum 4) for EURCHF, USDCAD and USDCHF. Here is the screenshot of the proper spreads provided by Iamfx and FXCBS brokers: